Let’s be honest, About Us pages are a collection of half-truths and thinly veiled pats on the back that tell you nothing you should really care about. Coaches want to tell you all about their “vast” knowledge of the QB position based on where they played QB. Then sprinkle in some revolutionary way they “discovered” how to throw the football. As if playing a certain level of collegiate and/or professional football qualifies you to be a great coach. And let’s not complicate this… proper throwing technique is on display every weekend by some of the best in college and professional football. How you throw the football is about comfort and the physical make-up of the individual. There’s nothing revolutionary about it.

If where your QB coach played football matters to you, then by all means you should train with them. And if you buy into some snake oil salesman pitching an unorthodox throwing style that isn’t on display on Sundays, then definitely train with them. But if you want a coach who teaches from a simple approach to throwing the same way that the top QB’s playing on Sunday’s are throwing, then come and check us out. The truth is that Next Level QB’s excel on the field each Fall and typically out-perform QB’s trained at other academies because we simply teach our QB’s to throw like today’s top QB’s throw. The training and development are in the results.

-Coach Greg Holcomb